Let us create a fully custom coded website to match your needs - or customize and guide you through an "easier-to-use" CMS system like Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, etc. We utilize the most up to date practices in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript / jQUERY. Options for sellers available through PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, and more! Themes will soon be available for a variety of uses - at a reduced rate compared to a custom solution.


An idea I had, to share user submitted data in a nice looking format. Although, only knowing HTML and CSS... at the time, I had no way of completing this project. So I did some research and learned about Databases for storing information, and some new languages as well - PHP and SQL.

  • Main focus - Creating a way to store and then show that information. Wanted to keep everything simple, including the code. Very small output size, and one picture, a PNG.
  • Designed layout, theme / consistency, color palette, and database structure.
  • Created a pleasing interface for visitors.
  • Utilizing JavaScript, many features of the website minimize wasted viewing time. This creates an easy to follow experience.
  • Database created with PHP / SQL, utilizing phpMyAdmin as the interface. Information is collected, with an additional field unreachable to the user. This is to create a system that allows the Database Owner to screen the information that gets displayed to all viewers.
  • Webpage created utilizing HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, and SQL.


Application/showcase provided to "Complete Network Solutions", in hope of landing a Front-End Web Developer position. Please visit my revised page, as well as the original page to see the difference in page responsiveness. While visiting this website, I noticed that it lacked a responsive layout and also had a few broken links. I took it upon myself to fix those complications and make a page that works beautifully and comparably on mobile devices / desktops.

  • Main focus - Revised webpage to offer responsive design (Now viewable on mobile devices).
  • Redesigned and vectorized main CNS logo at top of page.
  • Fixed broken links (apple logo near the center) and rerouted others.
  • Centered and resized all images.
  • Perfect color-matching using vector software "Inkscape".
  • Webpage made using Bootstrap 4.3.1.
  • Project completed proactively.


Business cards, letterheads, t-shirts, stickers, promotional materials, YouTube graphics - They all need a solid design saved in a high quality format. Let us show you what is possible and what will be best for your application. Vector images are the best choice when available, and we can provide them in many different file formats. CLICK HERE to learn more about vector images.


Your branding says everything about you and what you want your company to stand for. Well planned packaging is the extra touch to show your customers that you care, and are paying attention to the details. Let us show you how to use your own company values to bring more enjoyment to your customers, and keep them coming back!

Consistency is key!

Let's face it... life moves quickly. And so do customers. Finding your way to stand out at a moments notice is crucial! Let us plan a color palette for you and a simple business guide to help keep your fans involved.